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Air Sealing

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Air leaking into and out of your home carries with it your expensive winter heat and summer cold, as well as causes drafts. Sealing air leaks in your home saves energy and makes your home more comfortable.

For over 35 years, Energy Services Group has used blower doors, infrared scanners, and other diagnostic tools to evaluate and quantify the amount of building leakage in homes, both before and after an air seal project. We identify where sealing is important for energy savings, improved comfort, and energy efficiency.

Instrumented testing shows:

  • Where houses leak air in and out
  • Where to capture the greatest amount of leakage reduction
  • How to reduce air leakage cost-effectively
  • Where to seal for increased comfort
  • When to use caulk, spray foam, or air-tight foam board
  • Where to install or adjust weather stripping

While using a blower door to pull air out of the house, we will walk around with you to show you the biggest leaks. Our air sealing crews use this test to ensure their efforts are focused on real problem areas in your home. We may run the blower door several times during the air sealing process to ensure that comprehensive and measurable improvements are made.

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Air sealing materials that we might use:

  • One-part spray foam, for gaps up to a few inches wide
  • Two-part spray foam, for irregular surfaces that also need insulating
  • Foam board for keeping insulation batts in place and sealing flat surfaces
  • Weatherstripping, for closing the gaps around windows, doors, and attic hatches

Today’s building code standards require a certain amount of fresh air. Good air sealing equalizes pressure in the home, leading to enhanced comfort.

We know that a home should not be 100% airtight without introducing mechanical ventilation.  We will  install ventilation as required.

Seal it tight, ventilate it right!

We deliver the strategies and solution that improve the performance of your home energy and help lower energy costs, providing air sealing projects, as well as insulation. Contact us today for increased comfort from our air sealing methods.

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