Seal It Tight-Ventilate It Right

Prevent energy loss with air sealing services in New Castle, DE & West Chester, PA

Drafts prevent your HVAC unit from operating at peak efficiency. When you eliminate the drafts, you cut down on energy loss. Energy Services Group provides air sealing services in New Castle, DE and the surrounding area. Trust us to find and seal every weak spot in your home.

Today's air sealing technology can make your home completely airtight. To prevent stale air and stay compliant with building codes, we also install ventilation as required. Call 800-908-7000 today to set up an appointment.

Sealing your attic and basement

Sealing your attic and basement

Energy Services Group has the right tools for any insulation job. Our attic sealing products include the following foam insulation options:

  • One-part spray foam: This works best for gaps in your home's construction.
  • Two-part spray foam: This corrects and insulates irregular surfaces.
  • Foam board: This seals flat surfaces and keeps insulation batts in place.
  • Weatherstripping: This closes the gaps around windows, doors and attic hatches.
To figure out where your basement's air leaks are, we'll use a blower door test. When we've found all the weak points, we'll seal them using caulk or foam insulation.

Arrange for basement and attic sealing services by calling our New Castle, DE office now.