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What Is Air Sealing?

Imagine it’s another warm evening. You walk through your front door and are immediately greeted by the cool air your air conditioner is working overtime to give you. You feel the sweat slowly start to dry off of your back as you make your way to the bedroom. You walk through the door as you prepare to dive onto your mattress, you immediately notice the temperature difference. A few feet from your bedroom door, the air is pleasant, once inside the room, you can feel the difference on the back of your neck. You walk over to the window to make sure that it’s shut and it is, but you can still feel the warm summer air passing through the walls and into the room.


No More Drafts

Air Sealing is a process that seals the small gaps in a home that allow outside air to pass through into the conditioned environment. Sometimes, gaps occur around the caulking of a window, other times, an entire wall that is poorly insulated can be the culprit.


A home energy audit tells the insulation contractor in the Delaware Valley where leaks are happening. Then they get to work, filling in the gaps. Once they’ve figured out exactly what needs to be done, nothing is overlooked, so nothing slips through the cracks.


Apply Where Needed

Air Sealing is incredibly efficient and cost-effective. Instead of weather stripping, re-sealing and insulating every wall, an expert professional can determine the biggest problem areas and remedy them accordingly. There are four primary materials used:one-part spray foam, two-part spray foam, foam board and weather strips.  Homes should never be 100% airtight as it can lead to problems with ventilation, so an effective means of reducing air leakage is the best way to ensure increased efficiency and comfort.


These methods require training to be executed with precision. Whether it’s crawlspace insulation in Delaware or foam board installation in Pennsylvania, the veteran professionals at Energy Services group can handle any task to improve home comfort and air quality. The original house doctors, they’ve been increasing home efficiency for more than

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