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“I moved into this home on the 1st of December and contacted the energy experts at Energy Services Group when it turned cold at the beginning of the year. My house was uncomfortable and the heater ran constantly. Their EmPOWER Maryland energy audit showed me that the house was nearly twice as leaky as it should be, and insulation in the basement was ineffective. The ducts in the basement were also leaky and in effect heating the unfinished basement. Their work fixed the leaks and reduced air leakage by 35%. They also sealed the ducts in the basement and were able to deliver more air to upstairs. I feel much warmer now that they fixed these energy problems and glad I called to get the audit, and learn how to make my home more comfortable. We are expecting to see a reduction in our electric bill as well. Thanks so much for your hard work.”
– Lisa F., Glen Burnie, MD

“The energy expert with Energy Services Group was extremely impressive and I feel much better after having him here to look around. We’ve had roofers, a home inspector, HVAC guy, building envelope/insulation “expert” etc., and I didn’t feel any better after they left. Nobody was able to answer my questions or make me feel confident that they knew what they were talking about. My experience today was the complete opposite so I’m very grateful!”
– David B., Glenelg, MD

“We definitely saw a difference in how the house ‘holds’ the cool air in. We turn the AC up during the day (after having it cool at night), and the house goes almost the entire day before it hits that higher temperature.”
– Keith J., New Jersey

“The upstairs is no longer stifling when we go up there. It may be 3 degrees hotter but it’s no longer 15 degrees hotter!”
– Kathy S., Maryland

“Your crews were amazing! Our upstairs is finally warm in the winter. We don’t need space heaters anymore. To see the return on your money so fast is insane.”
– Ana K., Ellicott City, MD

“There was a sizeable decrease in our bills.”
– Vipul B., Kensington, MD

“Great job! My upstairs bedrooms are much more comfortable. You guys were really cool.”
– Steve C., Millersville, MD

“Oh my goodness, this stuff really works!”
– Laura A., Annapolis, MD

“I’m just tickled. I know I have a 25% decrease in my electric bill.”
– Diana T., Hanover, MD

“My house actually stays warm now.”
– Carmen C., Severna Park, MD

“Your people were great.”
– Seth T., Annapolis, MD

“Audit was great, very informative.”
– Katherine W., Freeland, MD

“The house is so much tighter.”
– Steve S., Severna Park, MD

“I want to thank you and the team for the excellent job you did conducting the “draft test” and then adding sealant and insulation to fix it. After one day we can feel the difference in our house. The cold spots in corners of our house, where the temperature was as much as 5 degrees colder than the core, have disappeared. The general chill is gone, and the home feels tight, like no air is moving through it.

Thanks to you and the guys for doing such a good job.”
– Bill Innes


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