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Save for Summer with an Energy Audit

Summer is characterized by vacations, trips to the beach, cookouts and enjoying the outdoors. As temperatures rise, so do energy costs. The fun of these activities and better weather can quickly be countered by nagging utility expenses. Luckily, this burden can be minimized by a simple energy audit.

An energy audit looks at how your house utilizes energy and then provides a strategy to help eliminate waste. This audit can lead to lower energy bills, fixed leaks, sealed ducts and better insulation. A smarter energy plan will lead to a more comfortable home.

Energy Services Group, the original home doctors, perform energy audits in Delaware, Maryland and the surrounding areas. There are plenty of reasons to get an energy audit.

  • Save money – The most logical reason to get an energy audit is to save money. Whether you are interested in limiting the cost of air conditioning in Sussex County, DE or reducing your heating bill in Baltimore County, MD, an energy audit is guaranteed to eliminate waste.
  • Targeted areas – The energy audit is thorough and focuses on every aspect of your home. This means your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, basement, garage, attic and crawlspaces. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, space heating accounts for 42 percent of the use of energy in a home, while water heating is responsible for 18 percent, cooling 6 percent, refrigerating 5 percent, lighting 5 percent and other 24 percent. This procedure will help curb the cost on a room-by-room basis.
  • Accurate measurements – State-of-the-art technology enables more accurate measurements. Infrared scanners are used in conjunction with blower door technology to see what is going on in walls, basements, attics and/or crawlspaces. Combustion analyzers measure what is going on in your water heater and pressure pans to determine air leakage and ventilation issues.
  • Timeliness – An energy audit may seem like a daunting task that will take a long time to complete, but with Energy Services Group, it takes just three to four hours. The energy audit will be your road map to saving time and money.
  • Reputation – Energy Services Group, the first company in the United States to use the Princeton House Doctor Approach, has helped customers save money for 35 years. The seven-time Energy Star Award winning staff is fully certified by BPI and RESNET, and can answer all energy concerns. With years of experience and putting customers first, Energy Services Group can be relied upon for quality work.

Start preparing for your summer getaway with an Energy Services Group energy audit, whether you are in New Castle County, DE or in other local areas. Begin cooling off today and get a better grasp on your summer budget by visiting

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