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Home Energy Audits in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland & Delaware

energy audits anne arundel county mdWHAT IS A HOME ENERGY AUDIT?

If you have comfort problems, if your bill is too high, or if you just want to save money, then a home energy audit can find problems hidden in the bones of your home and improve your energy efficiency.

Our home energy audit uses sophisticated equipment to look at how and where your home leaks expensive conditioned air, where your insulation layer is not well installed or is too thin, as well as the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.  We will also check for any safety problems with your combustion appliances and look for causes of actual or potential mold growth.  Our goal is to look at your home’s thermal performance to see where it can be improved.

Energy Efficiency in DE, NJ, PA & MD

We look at your past bills to see what the potential savings could be and then we can recommend a menu of improvements that will pay you back for your investment.  The most cost-effective measures are usually performing air sealing and adding insulation, but there are other items we may recommend on a case-by-case basis.

And don’t forget the way you use your home – there are many myths about saving energy that we can discuss with you.  We’ll also look at your lighting and appliances and make recommendations based on their energy usage


Your Energy Audit will include:

  • A thorough health and safety test of any combustion appliances such gas furnaces, water heaters and gas fired ovens, to be sure they are operating at their peak performance and not adding to indoor air pollution
  • Measuring the insulation R-values throughout the different areas of your home, such as walls and ceilings
  • Measuring your home’s air leakage rate with our blower door
  • Examining window construction and quality of door weather stripping
  • Reviewing your past utility bills to determine the potential savings
  • Evaluating your lighting and appliances and making recommendations
  • Providing you information and documentation on any rebates for energy improvements you make

First, we will look at possible moisture problems and heater and water heater safety issues.  Then we will evaluate the energy efficiency of your home, using sophisticated equipment such as blower doors and infrared cameras.  During these evaluations we can actually show you where energy escapes your home so you can concentrate on improvements that are meaningful.

Our goal is to look at your home’s thermal performance, show you where it can be improved, suggest the best ways to complete improvements, and get you any rebates or credits that are available. Inquire about our utility rebate programs when you contact us.


If we turned off the lights, lowered the thermostat to 50ºF in winter, and took cold showers, we could significantly lower energy use – but we would not be comfortable!  When it comes to a well-functioning home, comfort is as important as energy efficiency for your home in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware.
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Factors that contribute to your comfort:

  • A well-sealed home reduces drafts
  • Properly-installed insulation keeps exterior surfaces warm
  • Insulated walls reduce mold resulting from condensation
  • Properly-sized mechanical systems and ductwork deliver conditioned air

Diagnostic tools that we use:

  • An infrared scanner locates insulation voids in closed walls
  • A blower door locates air leaks throughout the home
  • A blower door with an infrared scanner shows air leaks in closed walls

ESG will perform tests on your home, complete all recommended air sealing, and then add insulation where it is needed. Not only can we insulate your attic, a certified insulation contractor in Delaware will also properly insulate your walls, cantilevers, and bay windows.

Click here for a description of our energy audit written by a home repair and renovation expert in the New Castle County, DE area.

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