Energy Services Group began in 1981 specializing in residential energy conservation using the Princeton House Doctor Approach of total systems analysis and cost-effective repair. We are the oldest instrumented auditing and retrofitting business in the country and are truly the Original House Doctors.



During the energy crisis of 1973, the Federal Government realized that they would have to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. In 1974, a group at Princeton University's Center for Energy and Environmental Studies received a grant to figure out how houses lose heat. Developing ways to measure air leakage and refining the measurement of insulation effectiveness, they could quantify most energy loss, but they always came up with a "mystery factor" that they couldn't explain.

The group had purchased a primitive infrared scanner for an NASA contract before the last lunar landing in 1972. They used it in the late 1970s to discover that many interior walls and cavities were cold. This air movement through interior cavities came to be known as attic bypasses. Sealing these convective loops reduced bills, increased comfort, and finally made the bills predictable.

The team found that tightening a house against air leakage, sealing convective problems, and adding insulation are the most cost-effective repairs that can be done to an existing house. If this work is done in a new house under construction the benefits are actually greater with a smaller cost.

In 1981, this Princeton team put together a package that trained a contractor to diagnose and repair energy and comfort problems in homes. Energy Services Group became the first commercial business trained and equipped by the original Princeton researchers using their approach, which stresses both the necessity for analysis and measurement of problem areas and the cost-effective repair of those items dictated by analysis.

Now in our fourth decade, Energy Services Group has saved many billions of BTU's for tens of thousands of homeowners like you.