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ENERGY STAR Certified Homes and How They Benefit You

When searching for a new home, there are certain things you want it to have. A two-car garage, a backyard, a front porch, two bathrooms and much more must be checked off your list before you reach a deal.

An important attribute that every person should look for in a home is energy efficiency.

Finding a home that prioritizes energy efficiency in Maryland can be difficult, but there is one way to determine this easily. ENERGY STAR certified homes are designed and built with higher energy standards in mind.

At Energy Services Group, we are committed to reducing your energy and heating bill, receiving the Delmarva Power’s Home Energy Efficiency Champion Award at the 2015 EmPower ENERGY STAR New Homes award ceremony.

So, you may have some questions ENERGY STAR certified homes and their benefits. Luckily, we have answers.

What is an ENERGY STAR certified home?

An ENERGY STAR certified home is guaranteed to meet strict energy standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency when being constructed. These homes have integrated systems such as high-efficiency heating and cooling, a water protection system, a complete thermal enclosure system, efficient lighting and appliances and independent inspections and testing.

What are some of the benefits for homeowners?

Since these homes are subject to these requirements and standards, homeowners receive many benefits. They include:

  • Peace of mind – First off, your mind will be at ease knowing that your home meets a number of strict standards to ensure safety, energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Wall-to-Wall comfort – Your HVAC system will be performing optimally. Your system will be delivering consistency and giving your fresh air that reduces pollutants and allergens.
  • Value – You know you are getting value when you are getting an ENERGY STAR certified home. These homes use 15-to-30 percent less energy than their counterparts. This translates into lower utility and maintenance costs.
  • Long-lasting quality – These homes utilize the best materials that are environmentally friendly. These materials and energy efficiency features provide you with proven quality.

How does Energy Services Group help?

At Energy Services Group, we participate in the ENERGY STAR certified homes program by performing home energy audits, providing air sealing and insulating air ducts, wall cavities and crawl spaces for homes in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are known as the Original House Doctor for being the first to use the Princeton House Doctor Approach in the country and providing cost-effective energy solutions since 1981.

If these benefits interest you, contact us today to learn more about Energy Services Group and how we play a part in new ENERGY STAR certified homes. You can reach us by calling 800-219-3484.

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