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Energy Efficient Solutions for the Colder Months Ahead

Clutching multiple bags of groceries, you hear the crunch of leaves littered across your walkway as you make your way to the front door.

When did that happen? It was just summer.

Once the groceries are all placed on the kitchen counter, you look outside. The source of the red, yellow and orange debris scattered about is the large oak in your front yard. The oak’s announcement of the change in seasons may have gone unnoticed at first, but can no longer be ignored.

You may also be unaware of how much energy you will probably waste once you turn on your heating system for the colder weather ahead.

At Energy Services Group, we provide energy efficient solutions such as air sealing and home insulation for homeowners living in Maryland and Delaware.

Air Sealing

Once you turn on your heater, you want your home to be warm and not drafty. Unfortunately, air can be leaking out of your home, We can help fix that costly problem with our air sealing service. We use infrared screeners, blower doors and other tools to understand how much and where air is escaping your home. After running these tests, we will walk around with you to show you the areas that are the biggest sources of leaking in your home.

Following our comprehensive tests, we use air sealing materials such as:

  • One-part spray foam for gaps that are just a few inches wide
  • Two-part spray foam for irregular surfaces that also need to be insulated
  • Weatherstripping for closing areas such as windows, attic hatches and doors
  • Foam board for keeping insulation batts in place and sealing surfaces that are flat

We ensure that homes meet local municipal requirements for air tightness and ensure that our air sealing provides equalized pressure in your home.


If you feel overly cold when near an entryway, a wall or your attic, then your home might lack proper insulation. We can fix this problem by blowing insulation material in your wall cavities and help insulate your bay windows, knee-wall attics, garage ceilings, crawlspaces, overhangs and knee-wall attics. Benefits of getting us to insulate your home include

  • Soundproofing
  • Safer Environment
  • Increased Health and Comfort
  • Boosted Resale Value of Property
  • Lower Energy Bills

Don’t ignore the loss of energy in your home; contact us today to learn more about our air sealing and home insulation for your Delaware or Maryland home by calling 800-219-3484 or browsing our website.

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