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Ice Dams & Frozen Pipes

Ice dams are formed when snow on the roof melts and then refreezes on the eaves. The ice accumulates along the gutters/eaves forming a dam. When this happens, the water flows under the shingles and into the house. How do I prevent ice dams from occurring? Proper ridge ventilation Seal attic hatch Properly vent bath …

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Replace Your Windows?

Windows are a very important part of our lives – they allow us to see what is going on in the world, they let in sunshine, and they light our houses so we don’t have to use electricity during the day. We need windows. But they are a mixed blessing. They have very low insulation …

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The Real Cost of Heating

We are all familiar with the factors that go into the cost of heating a house: insulation values, window selection, infiltration levels, the absence or presence of convection, and the furnace and duct efficiency. However, one factor that can more than double a heat bill is the cost of one fuel over another. We would …

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Heat Pump Tips

If you have a Heat Pump, you may not know all you should know to make it as efficient as possible. To get the full benefits of the Heat Pump, here are some tips. The heat pump is a very efficient piece of equipment – today’s units are over 300% efficient as compared to a …

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Your Room Over Garage

About the most frequent complaint we deal with is a problem in a room over a garage. Heating or air conditioning this type of room takes special consideration, and there are four different causes of comfort problems that need to be looked at: First is the increased exterior wall surface ratio – your dining room …

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